- The Monumental Complex of the Charterhouse and Museum of San Martino

- The sites of Ancient Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia

- The Ancient site of Baiae:

During the visit it will be possible to discover the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Baiae, one of the most important leisure center of the Roman Imperial Age. The visit will focus not only on the Roman ruins, but especially on how this extraordinary site, which now partially lies under the sea, is preserved and on how it is perceived by local population. The exceptional underwater location of part of the site of Baiae will give food for thoughts to discuss the problems related to the preservation (and the communication) of the underwater archaeological ruins and their "heritagization" process.

- The Rione Terra site

- The Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples 

- The Royal Palace of Naples

- The Royal Palace of Caserta